Oliver Rhodes.

My background has always been project management, from cutting my teeth in advertising agencies to owning and running a building contractor’s for 12 years to recently setting up Maltwood London, offering a completely stand alone project management service across all types of refurbishment and renovation projects.

Over the last 12 years during my time as a building contractor I managed every project and I valued my personal contact with my clients which over time became less and less as my company grew and I was drawn into more commercial matters.  For this reason I set up Maltwood to offer an independent project management service where I solely manage every project from start to finish. I pride myself on offering a personal touch and truly get enthused in understanding the client brief from design, implementation and project management.

Why employ the services of a project manager?

Project management is essential across all types and sizes of refurbishment projects but it can also be undervalued or clients feel they can take the role on themselves. 

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This can be a huge mistake and can lead to projects overrunning on programme and budget and can become a hugely stressful experience.

Employing an experienced project manager will actually save you money but will also remove a lot of the stress allowing you to get on with your daily routine whilst ensuring your project is run efficiently keeping you informed to a level that you personally require.  You can be as involved as little or as much as you want whilst I manage your project for you but I will keep you informed on a regular basis and it’s important you are involved at important stages of the project which I will guide you through. It’s about employing the right people for the project and by contracting firstly the right project manager I can then ensure we build the best team to facilitate your project.

Do please give me a call and we can discuss how I can help.